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Entrance to Fort San PedroWall showing images that relate to the founding of CebuFort entrance gatePark inside Fort San PedroWatch towerAntique cannon circa 1600sHistorical parkthe fort's egressWishing well inside the fortanother view of the fort's egressChapel for Magellan's CrossMagellan's CrossMagellan's CrossLunch at Neo Neo Grill House, one of Cebu's best.Only the freshest..A big smile for the good looking photog please.. LOL.Tasty tuna belly and panga (jaw) being grilled to perfection.Halaan (clam) soupfresh seaweed salad 'lato" tossed with diced green mango, tomatoes, onion, vinegar and calamansi juiceGrilled tuna panga (jaw)