Terms & Conditions - Purchasing products from reyalabastrophotography.com 

Please read the terms and conditions listed below. Set out is a list of things you can and can't do with our photos and other products from this website.

You can ... only if ...
download and share our photos in any way and media you attribute our work (name/link our website)
upload and publish our photos in any way and media you attribute our work (name/link our website)
modify our photos or products for your private use you don't publish these


You cannot ...
publish modified photos or products in any way
use or resell our photos or products to earn money, gain or profit
use our photos or products for any illegal or criminal purpose


All photos on this website are taken by "reyalabastrophotography.com" and are protected under the "Creative Commons" License for New Zealand and Australia.

Rey Alabastro Photography collect personal information in our shop or through email correspondence purely to operate our business. We will not make those information accessible to or share with any other party. Our shop is linked to a secure online payment website (PayPal) which is also collecting personal information. Please read their terms & conditions before making any purchase

Shipping and Delivery
Rey Alabastro Photography is not responsible for any items lost or damaged by the post or courier agent.

Your rights
If you feel personally offended in the way a photo was taken, you may communicate this with us in writing.
We will remove the photo or content from our website if your reason is justified.

Please contact us if you are unsure or have any special needs you wish to discuss with us.